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B+V Wedding


Bianca + Varun's Wedding

Creative Direction
Print Design
Event Design / Styling
Wayfinding / Signage
Photography (invitation set)

The brief was for elegant, but hipster. Bianca and Varun are from two different nationalities and backgrounds and have family and friends from opposite ends of the globe invited to their wedding. They needed a design that was relatable to all types of guests, that still said “this is for a wedding” but was also modern in design; to not be stuffy or out of touch with their younger friends.

The design is simple and adaptable across the invitation pack and into the event ephemera.

Event Photography: Kit Haselden

Black Foil Detail
B+V's Wedding Invitation Pack
B+V Wedding Menu
B+V Wedding Invite Detail
B+V Wedding Invite Detail
B+V Wedding wishing sign
B+V Wedding Tree sign
B+V Table Seating Guest List
B+V Wedding drinks list