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Rhinoceros: Luxury’s Fragile Frontier


Rhinoceros: Luxury’s Fragile Frontier

Creative Direction
Event Identity
Print Design
Branded Communication
Marketing Collateral
Website Design 
EDM Design
Digital Design
Exhibition Design

The rhino and Venice have a wondrously entwined history. This exhibition and accompanying symposium brings together these two unlikely companions. Both events seek to highlight and interrogate the consequences of luxury consumption on an endangered beast and an endangered city.

Every eight hours a rhinoceros
is killed to satisfy demand…
Every day an average of 60,000 tourists
descend on the fragile city of Venice. 

In November 2018, an international collaboration of artists, conservationists, poets, writers, and historians, explored the paradoxical magnificence and fragility of Venice and of the Rhinoceros. In a symposium designed to launch an accompanying exhibition, they revealed the history of the rhino horn as a unique object of desire; they tell the tale of Clara the rhino in Venice; they highlighted the distinctive oeuvres of four artists inspired by the rhino; and they unravelled the complex threads involved in the mass tourism market of Venice.

Supporting Dr Catherine Kovesi, Historian of Early Modern Italian History at University of Melbourne, with the launch off her symposium and exhibition: Rhino + Venice: Luxury’s Fragile Frontier. A not-for-profit event held at the Magazzino Gallery, Palazzo Contarini Polignac; in the relic and fragile city of Venice. 

Design and event management advice and branding of the event included; design and development of her existing Emporium website to enable a well developed event page, printed materials for the symposium and art exhibition, with digital media and eDM templates.

Unique branded materials includes a 100 page exhibition catalogue transcribed in three languages (English, Italian and Traditional Chinese), sitting side-by-side, rather than singular language books; an event program available on the website and as hardcopy during the month of the exhibition; A0 posters of poems by the poet Ronna Bloom; directional totem signage; rhinoceros illustration for the catalogue; along with eDMs and eventbrite material.

Event Photography: Mike Smith
Print Photography: Marie MacGregor
Photoshop illustration: Nikki Kovesi
Exhibition catalogue cover illustration: Marie MacGregor

Rhinoceros: Luxury’s Fragile Frontier’ was conceived from through the wondrous encounters between Catherine Kovesi and remarkable rhinoceros obsessives: Lynn Johnson, Gigi Bon, and Shih Li-Jen, and the poet Ronna Bloom.


“If we cannot save the Rhino, 
or Venice, what can we save?”

Artist, Gigi Bon

Poems by Ronna Bloom
Rhinoceros - Luxury's Fragile Frontier Exhibition catelouge
Rhinoceros: Luxury’s Fragile Frontier - Poems by Ronna Bloom
Rhinoceros: Luxury’s Fragile Frontier Champagne Rhino by Shih Li-Jen
Artemisia by Gigi Bon at the Rhinoceros: Luxury’s Fragile Frontier exhibition
website design for Rhinoceros: Luxury’s Fragile Frontier
website design for Rhinoceros: Luxury’s Fragile Frontier
Rhinoceros - Luxury's Fragile Frontier Totem wayfinding, Venice
Rhinoceros: Luxury’s Fragile Frontier Exhibition Catalogue