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Spray Aus Tanning Products


Spray Aus Tanning Products

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Founded in 2014 by lovers of bronze, Emily McKay and Ellie Pearson, Spray Aus was sparked from the belief that life’s just better with colour... 365 days of the year.

A tan minus the sun was the answer; but a streaky, orange finish which dried out your skin was not. They tried and tested over a range of formulas, determined to find the perfect solution. Their vision; to develop a luxurious product, that would not only dry quickly and evenly on the skin, but smelt sensational and nourished the skin with natural and organic ingredients.

When Spray Aus came to A/S in 2014, the identity was already in existence and they had just launched their website, designed by Space Between. Using these as a spring board for their branding (the logo, typography and image usage), we’ve developed their branding over time as their brand image grew along with their product offering.

In response to demand for the Spray Aus bronze beyond special occasions, the girls launched their “at home” personal tanning range… For those who want the Spray Aus tan in the convenience of their own home or to take with them on holiday.

Campaign Photography: Alex Drewniak
Product Photography: Marie MacGregor
Darkside Event Photography: Karon Photography

SPRAY AUS Tan Extender
Spray Aus Self Tan Mousse
SPRAY AUS At Home Tan Pack
Spray Aus Dark Self Tan Mousse
Spray Aud Application Glove
Spray Aus Product Detail